Latest Android Version Name and It’s Features

Latest Android Version Name is “Android Q”. 

During the opening keynote at Google I/O 2019 Google release information about Android Q. Android Q beta is available for 21 Android phones. We can expect Android Q will be launch with Pixel 4 in October.

Android Q - Features

Back Button will no more available

According to Google gesture-based navigation will control functionality of the button. The first swipe will open a side menu and a double swipe will take you back.

Dark Theme - System wide dark interface

New dark theme helps to reduce strain on your eyes and save the battery life.

Smart Reply Option for messaging applications

Smart reply option will predict and suggest what you’re going to say in response to a message. Suggestions will generate by on device machine learning.

Live Captions and Subtitles to all types of content

Android Q Live Captions option will provide real-time captions for any video or audio in real time without internet connection.


Bubbles, is a new multitasking feature which will replace the overlay option. Users will able to perform several tasks across different apps without switching apps.

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