best shooting games in android

Best Shooting Games in Android

Being a player one cannot get as much action as you get with the shooting games. No matter you play single player or multiple players, bullets firings environment makes you feel thrilled in the game. Today Mobile Tech Radar shares best shooting games in android.
1. Critical Ops
Critical Ops is a 3 Dimensional multiplayer FPS builds for the mobile game. Player Experience action in this game, where fast reflexes as well as Tactical skills are essential and must for success. This game has 10,000,000+ installs. Good information for hardcore players is that the Content Rating for this game is Rated for 16+ and it is Strong Violence oriented but don’t worry it is a virtual world. This is Free with in-app purchases game.
2. Dead Effect 2
Dead Effect 2.0 is having breathtaking graphics. These graphics are using exclusive Android and NVIDIA technology. The game is narrated by best professional voice actors. The game has an atmospheric soundtrack along with movie-quality sound effects. With 1,000,000+ Installs, the Current Version of this game is 190205.1922. The Content Rating for this game is Rated for 18+ and it is Extreme Violence.
3. Deer Hunter Classic
This game is not the Deer Hunter game that you grew up enjoying from your childhood, it is the wilderness in the most visually stunning FPS hunting simulator on the Android platform. You don’t have to pay for this game but you have to pay real money to unlock some added functionalities of this game. The Content Rating for this game is Rated for 16+ and it is Strong Violence, it has Installs of 50,000,000+.
4. Fortnite

Fortnite game is fresh on the Shooting segment. The mechanics of this game are slightly different. This might due to this is fresh in the shooting segment. But we can expect that this game will improvise by the time. To play this game you have to download it and install it from Epic games directly because they choose to not add this game to the Play Store.

5. The Sun: Origin
Difficult game…but for challenge takers its an opportunity. By the playing time, only a few players survive during the game journey. Players die of the radiation, poisoning, thirst or hunger in this game. Along with Installs of 100,000+, the Content Rating is rated for 16+ and Strong Violence, the game is offered By AGaming+.
So it was all about Best Shooting Games in Android brings for you by Mobile Tech Radar. Shooting games are giving you the best thrills. These games are having realistic effects along with stunning game environments. We will serve you more with such interesting information, be with us.

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